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Welcome to Otolaryngology Associates, Manhattan’s comprehensive diagnostic and treatment practice for conditions of the ear, nose and throat (ENT) and related conditions of the head and neck. Our board-certified medical and surgical otolaryngologists are specialists in treating patients with ENT diseases and disorders through using the latest treatments and technology.

With two convenient locations in New York City — on the Upper West side and Upper East side, including expert snoring and sleep apnea treatment through Eos Sleep, formerly the Manhattan Snoring and Sleep Center — our ENT doctors are connected to the best hospitals in Manhattan. We welcome you to read through this site and learn more about ENT conditions, our practice, and highly regarded surgeons, David O. Volpi, M.D., F.A.C.S., B. Thuy Le, M.D., and Eric J. Cohen, M.D.

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Hearing Loss
Middle Ear Infections
Swimmer's Ear
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Sinus Infections
Nasal Obstruction
Deviated Septum
Enlarged Turbinates
Nasal Allergies
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Sore Throat
Tonsil Infections
Vocal Cord Disorders
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Head & Neck Conditions
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